Science Department

Science Department

The Science Department comprises Chemistry, Biology and Physics. It is in this department that doctors, engineers and other notable professionals are made.

The department has very active teachers who instruct students in their studies. We hold science practicals in the laboratory regularly to ensure that the students understand what we teach them in class better. We also prepare our students and send them out to participate in contests and the Kenya Science and Engineering fairs. This boosts their confidence in the science subjects.

Chemistry is compulsory in the school. This is because knowledge of the subject is required to pursue most courses in universities and colleges. In addition to chemistry, students choose to continue studying either biology or physics in the third term of form 2, depending on what career path one wants to follow.

The school has one laboratory, which is well equipped. However, with the increasing number of students, one laboratory has not been enough, and the administration is working to put up another one, which will ensure effective learning and doing of practicals.

Ms. Wanjuki

(HOD Science Dept)