Language Department

Language Department

Language is the medium through which all the subjects are taught i.e. they all use words. Ndiaini Girls’ High School offers two languages which are compulsory in K.C.S.E. i.e. English and Kiswahili. In the department, we impart the following skills:

  1. Speaking
  2. Listening
  3. Reading
  4. Writing


What names would you call other subjects without using words (language)? History? Mathematics? Chemistry? Name them. What about careers? Law? Medicine? Teaching?

In short, we are the name giver. Without English, all the other subjects except Kiswahili are gagged. English is not only the official language in our country but also an international language; therefore, despising it leads to dire consequences.

Kiswahili on the other hand is important in its own unique way. It is like a comic relief in a tragic story. It is like a rose flower in a thorny bush of cactus, the master key when all other fail. It is also the national language in our country and so for a student, it is a leeway when English fails him/her.

We urge other departments and students of Ndiaini Girls’ High School to keep in mind that:

  • We are the key to every subject
  • The one behind your success
  • We are ‘the beautiful bride that all men would want to marry’
  • We are your doctors, consult us


If language is the outpatient, you are the inpatient; if it is the inpatient, you are in the ICU; and if language should get into the ICU… you are in the morgue!

SO LET’S ALL JOIN HANDS and transform our school with good grades by embracing English and Kiswahili, abandoning Sheng’ and use of vernacular while in school.

Mrs. Hinga

H.O.D. Language