Guidance & Counseling Department

Guidance and Counselling Department

Guidance and Counseling Department has significantly been given a central placement in the school, with the purpose of sustaining stable learners for the sake of building conducive environment for the students to utilize and realize their full potentialities. To secure this, there are class meetings, family days, guidance and counseling programmes and 16 family groups patronized by teachers who act as parents to the students allocated. Namely, the family groups are: Nairobi, Kenyatta, Moi, Maseno, Kimathi, Maasai Mara, Pwani, Egerton, Masinde Muliro, Meru, Kabianga, Kisii, Laikipia, Karatina, Multi-media and Chuka. These names are derived from the category of the universities in Kenya.

The department makes integrated programmes at the beginning of  every term with facilitators entailing peer counselors, teachers, invited motivational speakers and counselors. During academic clinics parents are given a platform and encouraged to guide learners in relation to their parental experience.

Emphatically, the department has focused on discipline cases, academic motivation, career guidance and on overcoming personal and group challenges and problems among other contemporary issues.

The sustained-friendly environment between teachers and students has allowed students to promptly get guidance at ease whenever they are in need of it.

“To conquer without challenges is to triumph without glory.”

Wambugu. W.M.

(H.O.D Guidance & Counseling Department)