Mathematics Department

Mathematics Departmenttt

Mathematics is such an important subject that it is in its own department. It is the subject around which all other subjects revolve. Mathematics tests a learner’s ability to think critically. It is therefore a requirement that a student performs above average in the subject to pursue most, if not all, of the courses in universities and colleges. Even to pursue a technical course, the learner needs good knowledge in mathematics.

The mathematics department has very supportive teachers who not only teach mathematics concepts in class, but also guide any student who may not have understood, or needs help tackling a question, at a personal level. The school has also bought sufficient revision materials which the students use to enhance their knowledge on what they have learnt and build their confidence in readiness for examinations.

The department encourages students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and make use of the available resources. They should not be afraid to ask for help when they need it. Parents are also advised to motivate their children to perform better in the subject. Mathematics is not hard, it only requires practice. As we say, 5 sums a day keeps the C away.

By Mr. Ihiga M.

(H.O.D Mathematics Department)