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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

The students’ council is an organ that is very critical at enhancing student’s democratic principles in the management and decision making in Ndiaini Girls’.

In order for the school’s Council to steer sustainable leadership, leadership trainings are offered and time-to-time meetings held to enhance effective leadership expected.

The council body consists of 28 student members, selected by the students themselves:


  • Vice Chairperson

Academic Secretary

  • Assistant Library Secretary
  • Assistant Laboratory Secretary
  • Assistant Timekeeper Secretary
  • All Forms Assistant Secretaries (8)

Boarding Secretary

  • All Dorms Assistant Secretaries (6)
  • Assistant Dining Hall Secretary

Games and Sports Secretary

  • Assistant Games and Sports Secretary

Environment, Health and Sanitation Secretary

  • Assistant Environment, Health and Sanitation Secretary

Clubs and Societies Secretary

Student Welfare Secretary