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Clubs & Societies

Clubs and Societies

There are eight major clubs in the school and two Christian societies. The societies are the Christian Union (C.U.), the Catholic Action (C.A.) and the Muslim Students' Association. Each club and society is patronized by a teacher who ensures the smooth running of activities and the execution of responsibilities and mandates. The executive leaders, who are elected by members, strategize the plans and activities meant to benefit the members, the school and where possible the wider society.

The clubs and societies are registered with the Head of Department (H.O.D). The H.O.D. is in charge of all clubs and societies undertakings in the school. He/she works closely with the patrons, clubs/societies leaders and the secretary in charge of clubs and societies in the prefecture body. The secretary also assists the H.O.D in delegating their mandate.

The registered clubs in the school are as follows:

  1. Integrity Club
  2. Young Farmers Club (Y.F.C)
  3. Wildlife Club
  4. Press/Debate Club
  5. Volleyball Club
  6. Scouts Movement
  7. Red Cross Movement