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Mathematics is considered the easiest subject of all but students consider it to be the opposite. This is why mathematics is the easiest:

  1. Mathematics concepts never change and will never change considering other subjects. The way of solving mathematics is always the same and has the same answers.
  2. Mathematics formulae are always the same and do not change at any instance.
  3. Mathematics exams test the same thing every year. By understanding the concepts of mathematics there is always a guarantee to pass the exam.
  4. It is not always a must for one to know the answers of the mathematical problems although it requires the relevant knowledge to answer the question. One gets a mark in showing the workings but not just the answer.

The reasons behind students failing in mathematics include:

  1. Negative attitude towards mathematics; this usually affects very many students.
  2. Many students do not create time to study mathematics or practice what they have been taught.
  3. Failing to do mathematics assignments or/and copying someone else's work also contributes to failure in mathematics. Good practice in mathematics helps in familiarizing oneself with mathematics concepts and questions.
  4. Negative attitude towards the teacher also contributes to the failure of many students. It makes one not concentrate on what the teacher is teaching.
  5. Fear that mathematics is hard due to peer pressure. This makes the students develop a very negative attitude towards mathematics.
  6. Failure to do research in mathematics or to do challenging questions.
  7. Limited or even lack of learning materials by the students. Consider the student who is going to a lesson on Bearing without a geometrical set and a calculator, this student can hardly get anything and yet mathematics needs practice.

To me it is so surprising that most students fail in mathematics and yet pass in other subjects. I believe there is no work that you can do without applying mathematics. Just consider an individual walking from his home to work in the city, he has in mind how long it is from his home to the place of work and what time it takes to arrive at work and therefore uses mathematics to survive the challenge and arrive on time.

The following are tips on how to pass mathematics:

  1. Mathematics needs practice, solving sums continuously.
  2. Students should do practice daily in mathematics, doing the extra questions daily. At Ndiaini Girls', students are exposed to internal and external mathematics contests at least once per term.
  3. The students also do weekly cats every Monday at 1:20 – 2:00pm to test simple concepts in mathematics.
  4. The school has also a very strong mathematics club where students discuss topical questions every Monday starting 4.00pm – 5.30pm with the guidance of their patron.