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Boarding Department

The dormitories are well secured as they are fenced and there is provision of security lights which are always on throughout the night. The dormitories are situated nearer to the tuition blocks. All this makes our girls not to fear as they go to sleep after the night preps.

The school has six dormitories that are large enough to give a good accommodation. The two recently built are the best in the area. We ensure that there is no particular dormitory for any form; all the students are mixed up. This makes the girls relate and socialize with each other well. We also make this safe and warm environment friendly, happy and a place where the girls relax after the hard day’s work.

Members from different dormitories engage in inter-house competition where they compete in all forms of games and sports. Also, the houses compete in cleanliness and the house that emerges the winner is awarded at the end of the term. This motivates them hence the area is kept clean throughout the house. The dormitory mistress supervises and offers guidance in each house. She is a friendly person hence any girl facing a problem finds it easy to consult her. She is assisted by dormitory mothers and fathers who are teachers in the school who work with the house prefects to manage the house.

The school matron plays a vital role to our girls. She ensures that the duties are attended well. She offers assistance to the sick girls by taking them to the hospital and ensures that the medicine given is kept safely and taken as prescribed.

The school dining hall is large enough to accommodate all the students comfortably.

Cleanliness is second to Godliness. Our girls are expected to be clean and clean the areas where they are allocated the duty all the time. Inspection is always done to make sure that the duties are attended to perfection. This instills a sense of responsibility and therefore we prepare them to become responsible citizens in future.