Dr. Phyllis Muturi - PrincipalDr. Muturi

Ndiaini Secondary School is an educational institution geared towards promotion of professional ethics as reflected in the schools core values. It is therefore the purpose of the school to ensure that all stakeholders adhere and promote integrity in the conduct of their affairs, right from the top management level to the students’ level. The school promotes the talents of students through sports, music, science activities and social activities.

Ndiaini Secondary School is a ‘No-corruption Zone’. All our stakeholders are focused, committed and selfless in implementing the school policies.The strengths of the school include:

  1. A qualified and committed staff with expertise in diverse disciplines resulting to effective teaching.
  2. A well-established structure for the management of the school through various departments thus helps build teamwork and effective supervision.
  3. A students’ body that is fairly well disciplined which helps in smooth running of the school and creates conducive atmosphere for learning.
  4. Good enrolment which helps in school sustainability.
  5. Adequate teaching and learning materials and textbooks which helps in effective teaching.
  6. Adequate Dining Hall, a stand by generator and electricity which helps in effective teaching, learning and I.C.T. integration.
  7. Good public relationship with the community which creates conducive environment for learning.
  8. Adequate security for peaceful learning
  9. Stable management for the last 4 years which brings about consistency, stability and development of the school.
  10. Well managed school farm with cows and trees which has helped supplement the food budget and fuel.

Deputy Principal

Mrs. Mwaura -  Deputy PrincipalMrs. Mwaura
Deputy Principal

It is important to know that though it seems apparent that with excellent grades one will have the best in the world, acquisition of virtues should not be forgotten. A truly happy person is one who lives with a good number of virtues. When a person develops in a harmonious way with a series of human virtues, the person can be said to be mature. Responsible parents and teachers sincerely desire to transmit principle, values, traditions, customs, beliefs and ideals to their children/students.

Board of Management

Dr. Stephen Gachie - Chairperson Board of ManagementDr. Stephen Gachie
Chairperson Board of Management

Currently, the school has a team of 15 Executive members of Board of Management since the former board expired. These are:

  1. Dr. Stephen Gachie - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Phyllis Muturi (Principal) - Secretary
  3. Mrs.Mwaura (Deputy Principal) - Member
  4. Dr. Maina Kahindo - Member
  5. M/S CAROLINE MUNGAI (Student) - Member
  6. M/S Florence Muthoni Gitonga - Member
  7. M/S Wangari Kiragu - Member
  8. Mr. Benson Gichohi Mukoma - Member
  9. Mr. Gerald Muthakia - Member
  10. Mr. John Kihiu - Member
  11. Mr. Julius Kihara - Member
  12. Mr. Juma Wagoki - Member
  13. Mr. Michael Wachira - Member
  14. Mr. Richard G. Gakuru - Member
  15. Mrs. Beatrice Njeri Mwangi - Member

Parents, Teachers Association

Mr. Eliud Githui - Chairperson Parents, Teachers AssociationMr. Eliud Githui
Chairperson Parents, Teachers Association

At the moment, the school has 10 members of PTA. These are:

  1. Dr. Phyllis Muturi - Principal
  2. Mrs. Mwaura - Deputy Principal
  3. Mr. Eliud Githui - Chairperson and Form 2 North Representative
  4. Mr. Richard Gakuru - Teacher
  5. Mrs Purity Muita - Teacher
  6. Ms Winnie Kuria - Form 2 South Representative
  7. Mr. Stanley Maina - Form 3 North Representative
  8. Mr. Peter Ndirangu - Form 3 South Representative
  9. Mrs. Eunice Gikandi - Form 4 North Representative
  10. Mr. Francis Karuga - Form 4 South Representative